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AP-9 2013 Interview

Episode #52


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Bay Area rapper Ap-9 was on the Murder Master Music Show hosted by veteran music journalist Prezident Bejda of The interview was live and  AP-9 dropped some bombshells when a couple callers asked about the whole “Coco and Ice-T” incident that has had the entertainment world talking in recent news.


At one point he said that he would beat Ice-T’s ass.


Ice-T don’t want no problems with me, he already knows what it is, I will beat his old ass!


When asked about the Coco rumor he said


“I wasn’t sucking her titties and playing with her p—y! ”


Then he went onto say that in a few days he would drop a bombshell.


“Tomorrow, I’ll give it a day or two and I will shock the world. That’s all you need to know!”



He even said he was with Kim Kardashian. But no matter what went down with AP-9 and Coco hopefully the two camps can keep it peaceful and everyone involved uses their heads.


To check out the entire interview you can listen to it here
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