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Artist of the Month – Sleepwalkas


Sleepwalkas are Evil-S and Murdaman from Houston Tx.
The Group Formed in 2005, Although the two have been recording music since 2002.
Originally named Gruesome spelled G.R.U.S.U.M.

In 2002 they met Local “Horrorcore” rap group GHOSTOWN, Moon DC and Tales.
Along with Lazy-K and Twenny Fo. “Darksyde Records” Quickly took them in. Showing them the ropes, and adding them to the Roster. Evil and Murda started their Rap Path’s as Roadies.

Taking on task’s such as… Stage Hand, Stage Actor, and Street Team Was their way of paying dues before presenting themselves as a group. In 2005 Sleepwalkas along with Moon DC started recording underground albums- with label mate Lazy-k and T.M.P Thug Minded Productions.

Both Evil and Murda Released Solo e.p.’s before recording their first “underground”
SLEEPWALKAS E.P., Performing Shows in the local Rap scene.

They continued to release Solos and ventured off into other projects Mostly through out 2006-2007 and on.In 2011 The Sleepwalkas Strarted writing for Their Debut “Album” Secret of da Ooze.

Shortly after writing half of the album the group dis-banned in 2012.
Pursuing solo careers, at this time Murdaman worked with Ganxsta N.I.P releasing the track “Badreams” on his Po-sum-Mo “underground”.Evil-s recorded with Esham, eventually Leading to the two “HIP-HOP LEGENDS” to meet each other and Collaborate, For what now went down in history as the Infamous..DOUBLE FEATURE SHOW Esham, Ganxsta NIP and Mastamind

brought together for the first time in history!In 2016 Sleepwalkas Finally Re-Surfaced to
finish their already Conceptualized and half written Debut Album…..(SECRET OF DA OOZE) Completing the project in 2017.on Po-Out-Sum Records

Download Secret of da Ooze here

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