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Artist of the Month – The Supah Smash Bros


The Supah Smash Bros  of Kokomo Indiana started writing music under the name Lyrikillaz in 2001, and wrote but never released their 1st project Children of the Corn. Dr. Myndbendah (Racer_X_S_Cash) and Dat Killa Blunted (Mistah DKB) began their careers as the Supah Smash Bros shortly after releasing 25 plus mixtapes before recording and releasing their 1st official release Stoplight City in early 2017.


With that being said , you have to respect the grind, hustle, and determination of the Supah Smash Bros. They represent the Underground on all levels by not only making their own music but also by working with many underground legends such as Mastamind and Project Born to name a few. Make sure to check them out and support their movement!

Check them out on Social Media at
twitter @SupahSmashBros
instagram @supah_smash_bros

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