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Snake Lucci – 2016 Interview

Episode #262


Snake Lucci is currently incarcerated, but we were able to catch up with him for this exclusive interview. You will hear the story of an Omaha Nebraska rapper who has been in prison for the majority of the last decade and also hear some dope music from him and his camp Snake House Records.

Episode 250 of the Murder Master Music Show

Episode #250

After almost 4 years we have reached a milestone at 250 episodes. Many doubted us, many left us to rot, many counted us the f-ck out but time after time we have broken through mainstream doors and accomplished what many with huge budgets can’t. Join us as we celebrate episode 250 and see who calls in!

Artists who came through were: Bootleg, Point Blank, Nino of Ghetto Mafia, Dice, Cli-N-Tel, Fresh Kid Ice, Esham, and Pooh-Man

Renizance of the Immortal Soldierz – 2015 Interview

Episode #238


Renizance just released his debut solo album but is also part of the legendary Fort Worth group Immortal Soliderz. Check out this episode where we chop it up with the Ft Worth Vet and play music off his new album “The Streets is Calling.

Trawood Tribute Mix

Episode #230


During the early part of the show Trawood was a regular, recently he passed away so tonight we dedicate this episode to him in the form of a tribute mix with a mixture of his words and his music. RIP homie!

T-Rock – 2015 Interview

Episode #229


T-Rock is no stranger to the Murder Master Music Show. Hear a preivew of his new album and chop it up with a real underground legend

OG Sin Loc – 2015 Interview

Episode #210


If you remember the infamous Bloods & Crips albums Bangin’ On Wax then you will remember the very talented OG Sin Loc. He will be here to chop it up with us!


3 Year Anniversary

Episode #190


Onlines biggest archive of legends, pioneers, and innovators in the rap game belongs to the mfer’n Murder Master Music Show

City Round Table, Jackson Mississippi – 2015 Interview

Episode #187


Jack-Town is one of the most talented cities when it comes to rap music, but it is also heavily slept on. Not here on the Murder Master Music Show. Tonight you will hear from many Jackson, Ms Legends

Artists who came through were: Dez of Hellborn, Charlie Braxton, Xit Only, Jack-D, Reese & Bigalow, and Lord Sinixta from France

Eazy-E Dedication Show – 2015

Episode #178


20 years ago on March 26th 1995 the world lost a true visionary and pioneer. 20 years to the day of his passing we pay homage to the Godfather of Gangsta Rap Eazy-E.

Black Silver – 2015 Interview

Episode #176


Whether he is working with the likes of Ice-T, Kool Keith, Kurupt or putting out his solo material, Black Silver is a true LA Vet giving you that West Coast sound every time.

Esham – 2015 Interview

Episode #174


Finally after close to 200 shows under our belt Esham will now join the archive. He just dropped a 25th Ann. edition of Boomin’ Words from Hell Remastered.

Royal C of the Hard Boyz – 2015 Interview

Episode #170


Royal C and the Hard Boyz burst onto the scene in the early 90s with albums like A-Town Hard Heads, Trapped in the Game and others. They helped set the tone for the street side of the ATL

Tini Maine – 2015 Interview

Episode #169


Underground Legend Tini Maine joins the archive as a guest on the Murder Master Music Show.

DJ Zirk also comes through.

The Best of 2014

Episode #164


As 2015 approaches we take a look back at some of our best interviews of 2014 featuring Bushwick Bill & DJ Ready Red, JT Money, Jayo Felony, Poohman, Ganxsta NIP, Luke, Fresh Kid Ice, and more

TNT of NATAS Dedication Show

Episode #163


on 12/20 2014 Terry Jones pka TNT of legendary underground acid rap pioneering group NATAS passed away. This episode is dedicated to his music, life, family, and friends

PARIS – 2014 Interview

Episode #160


If you listen to rap with substance and brutal honesty then you have to know the name Paris. Hits like “Devil Made Me Do It” and “Bush Killa” are just a few.

Whodini – 2014 Interview

Episode #158


In 1981 Whodini burst on the hiphop scene and made classics like “Friends” and “Freaks Come Out At Night.”

DJ Speed – 2014 Interview

Episode #155


Former Ruthless Records DJ and alumni is here to speak about what he is doing in 2014 as well as the days of way back.

Episode 150 – Various Guests

Episode #150


For episode 50, 100, and now once again we will celebrate a milestone for UGS Radio and the Murder Master Music Show. Tune in and see who calls into this special 150th episode


Artists who came through were:

Freeway Ricky Ross, Original Geto Boy Sir Juke Box, Havoc of SCC, JT Money, Ganxsta NIP, Dope-E, Scan Man, RBX, Tweed Cadillac and more

Legendary Producer Mike Fresh – 2014 Interview

Episode #149


This man has plaques and credits that include Poison Clan, 2 Live Crew, and famous soundtracks like Boyz N The Hood and New Jack City to name a few. But the problem is not many even know it, but that’s what we are here for. Enjoy this informative show with super producer Mike Fresh

Church of Reality 45: Free Shannon Nyamodi

Episode #45


A young man tries to help a woman who ran out of her house by calling 911 only to find himself the suspect and is not incarcerated. His Mother Elizabeth along with a panel will discuss his case.

Church of Reality 43: Free Terry Young

Episode #43


Terry Young has already served 17 years, he paid his debt to society, but the Feds wanna keep him away from his family for the rest of his life. Tune in and help free this man so he can reunite with his family and friends!

Church of Reality 42: The Feminine Fad has Hiphop on Life Support

Episode #42


Once you come out the closet that street cred flies out the window. How come certain people get a pass for dressing like women and why are many of the pioneers and legends silent? Special guest Dope-E will return and join the discussion tonight on the Church of Reality!


Smoke Out with E-Moe – 2014 Interview

Episode #144


The UGS Sac-Town General E-Moe is back on the show to speak about many projects including both music and film. Always an honor to have Mob Marley on the show.

KFYB Episode 104

Episode #104


All I want to do is sit you down, and tell you exactly how stupid and worthless you are, it’s Saturday!

Church of Reality 40: Mass Eviction

Episode #40


Mass Eviction happens all the time and the Bay Area is not immune to the havenots being disgarded like pieces of trash by the rich scumb at the top of the pyramid!

KFYB Episode 103

Episode #103


Can I still say “I don’t like you” without getting in some sort of trouble?

KFYB Episode 100

Episode #100


One hundred episodes straight!  We’re glad to have you hear with us, well not really, we’re glad to have us here with us, congratulation to KFYB!

KFYB Episode 99

Episode #99


We’re getting closer to episode 100, but you are no where near closer to being a decent human being, you are still just “human trash”

KFYB Episode 98

Episode #98


It’s Saturday, we’re getting closer to episode 100, we’re giving away a knife, and you’re still human garbage, it’s KFYB!

KFYB Episode 97

Episode #97


The Summer Spotlight continues, do you have that “Wow Factor!”


KFYB Episode 96

Episode #96


“Entenmann’s” is a great name, right up there with “McGillicutty”

KFYB Episode 94

Episode #94


We’ve done 94 episodes, and you people are still human garbage.

KFYB Episode 91

Episode #91


These Yams are candied, I found the image on google, you don’t like Yams, you can go kill yourself.

KFYB Episode 90

Episode #90


That is a picture of a Yam I found on google image search, this has nothing to do with the show, it’s just a yam.

KFYB Episode 89

Episode #89


Do remember that TV show from back in the day “The Early Edition”, this is kinda like that but not really, have some yams.

KFYB Episode 88

Episode #88


Yams, one thing about yams, you can buy yourself any yam from the marke, and I guarantee that it’s smarter and possibly more hygienic than you, you sack of human garbage.

KFYB Episode 87

Episode #87


JT Money stops by, and we ridicule your love dones, mock the mentally disabled, the usual, it’s KFYB and your mother is a pig.

KFYB Episode 85

Episode #85


The legendary Ganxsta NIP joins us this week, taking your and making fun of the mentally disabled potato in your life.

KFYB Episode 84

Episode #84


Lil Wyte stops by this week, we take your calls and insult your loved ones.


KFYB Episode 82

Episode #82


yam, maybe one day we’ll actually talk about yams, until then it remains a tag.

KFYB Episode 78

Episode #78


Another week goes by, yams are still in the tags, and you are still a loser.

KFYB Episode 76

Episode #76


Notice the word “yams” usually finds it’s way into the show description?  You ever wonder why?

KFYB Episode 73

Episode #73


I wish you could see what I see, hear what I hear, witness what I witness, than you can truly understand and know just how stupid ad worthless you are, just stop, your hopes and dreams, wildest machinations, all of it, just stop.


KFYB Episode 72

Episode #72


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.  I bent your mother over a table and seeded her properly.

Ganxsta Nip 3 Hour Birthday Show – 2014

Episode #142


Tune in and celebrate Ganxsta Nip’s Birthday for this 3 hour special. We will chop it up with the legend on his birthday, play some of his favorite songs from his huge catalog of hits, and give away 10 copies of his latest album “God Of Horrorcore” to callers who can answer questions about Nip. Tune in for this special episode of the Murder Master Music Show only on UGS Radio at

KFYB Episode 71

Episode #71


Some of you, the majority of you shouldn’t be allowed to speak, do you sloths even understand the privilege you have by us being this accessible to you?  By all accounts you should be on your hand and knees saying thank you with tears rolling down your faces.

KFYB Episode 70

Episode #70


We’ve beeen here for 70 episodes without missing a beat, congrats to us, the rest of y’all can go die in ditches, you had nothing to do in what we did but to listen and shut your stupid mouths, bags of trash the lot of you.

KFYB Episode 67

Episode #67


You should really just kill yourself, you are horrible and you should feel horrible for being horrible.

KFYB Episode 65

Episode #65


Your Mom smells like a combination of Starkist Tuna and a dead bum

KFYB Episode 64

Episode #64


Fist your disgusting hole with Hulk hands you worthless box of filth

KFYB Episode 61

Episode #61


I am the punishment of God, If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.

KFYB Episode 59

Episode #59


I just want to punch you right in your stupid baby maker, you really are just a useless cow, there’s nothing “good” about you, you’re just a useless dumb cow with a smelly blown out opening, get hit by a tour bus.

KFYB Episode 58

Episode #58


I just wanna punch right in her dumb udders.  Useless dumb cow.  Reallly, Shannon has got to be the most useless sow around, just a big chested fool with no sense of anything but being an ignorant dullard.

KFYB Episode 57 The Sequel

Episode #57 The Sequel


Last week was mislabled Episode 57 when it should have been 56, due to Shannon’s sweaty clumsy chest meats, so we’ll call this one Episode 57 The Sequel, Allah hu akbar!

KFYB Episode 54

Episode #54

Listen To Radio Internet Radio Stations with The Murder Master Music Show on BlogTalkRadio


I don’t know what it is about pumpkins I don’t like, they seem useless, excluding the pie made from it pumpkins aint shit, those stupid lantern things too the  jack-o-lanterns, fcking stupid and a waste of time, I hope one of you sacks of garbage light one up and it burns your lousy house to ashes, pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns, who gives a sht.

Dirty Red – 2014 Interview

Episode #137

More Music Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with The Murder Master Music Show on BlogTalkRadio


With the new NWA film in the works many people wonder how it will be told. Will people like cold 187, Kokane, and our guest tonight Dirty Red be included in the process of making the film?

BigTyme Recordz, Big Hutch, Former & Geto Boy Sire Jukebox – 2014 Interview

Episode #129


First we go to Texas with the CEO of Bigtyme Recordz (UGK, DJ Screw, Point Blank, PSK-13, etc) Russell “BigTyme” Washington, then we head out to Cali to welcome back G-Funk pioneer Big Hutch aka Cold187um of Above the Law, and then we head back to Texas to interview one of the original Geto Boys Sire Jukebox! Folks, this show is gonna be one for the books! Tune in and enjoy!


JT Money and Ganxsta Nip – 2014 Interview

Episode #124

Online Music Radio at Blog Talk Radio with The Murder Master Music Show on BlogTalkRadio


Both JT Money and Ganxsta Nip are no strangers to the Murder Master Music Show so we thought on 4/24 episode 124 it was only right to have them both on the show. JT Money will debut tracks from his new album “Morning Wood” and Ganxsta Nip will from his new album “God of Horrorcore

Professor Griff of Public Enemy – 2014 Interview

Episode #122

Listen To Music Internet Radio Stations with The Murder Master Music Show on BlogTalkRadio


Check out Part 1 of the exclusive Interview with Griff. We will also be playing some new music on the show and taking callers. Part 2 of the Professor Griff Interview will be on Sun 4/13 on the Church of Reality at 9pm CST also. So make sure to tune into that show to hear the conclusion of the interview.

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