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Reviews – Supah Smash Bros – Stoplight City


The Supah Smash Bros. are out of the Middle of the map from a spot known as Kokomo Indiana. I immediately noticed how much they rep their area, the first track on the new album Stoplight City is US 31. Another thing I noticed and liked was their distaste for mainstream music with the song F Da Mainstream where they speak on the repetitive nature of the industry. “Fuck the mainstream all I hear everyday is the same thing!” Even though I interviewed many mainstream artists throughout my career, I always made it a point to rep the underground.

Another thing I related to was the nostalgia, these guys were speaking about all the shit I grew up on with the track 80’s Baby. I was born in the 70s but grew up in the 80s and automatically took a trip back in time, so this track definitely worked if they were going for that effect. The production on there gave me the same type of feeling, the beats were hitting hard and had that synth 80s vibe. The sound quality was on point as well with the vast majority of the project mastered by D-Payne.

The Hellraiser himself, Mastamind was all over this album. He was on 3 tracks with Nightmarez being my favorite, they all brought that Wicket Shit on this one. They also had features from Skitzo, Dirty White Mike, SuiZid3PaKt and Project Born who was on my favorite track off the album Midwest Massacre. The beat hits hard and the Middle of the Map is represented to the fulled, a good blend of Michigan and Indiana. I can’t really complain, I was impressed! Aside from maybe a couple tracks I enjoyed the majority of this album. The Middle was repepd, the Wicketshit was repped, the features were dope, and the sounds were original and fresh!

You can buy Stoplight City on Digital or Hard-copy
Check out Supah Smash Bros. on Twitter

Episode 354-Freeway Ricky Ross

ep 354 freeway ricky ross
Episode 354


Long time friend of the Murder Master Music Show Freeway Ricky Ross or as we call him the REAL Rick Ross literally just landed and hit the lines right from the airport to chop it up with Prez, Mac Jay and the UGS4LIFE Crew

Episode 350 – D-Dubb and RedD

d-dubb redd
Episode 350


D-Dubb called in straight outta Sacramento and brought a dope female emcee RedD and they both kicked off a new week with dope interviews making this our 7th double episode in a row!

Episode 330 – PSK-13

Episode 330


PSK-13 called in and reflected on DJ Screw , Mr. 3-2 , Pimp-C and also spoke about his latest project Space Age Sippin:Somethin To Lean to

Reviews – II Tone – New Direction-My World Overcometh


II Tone is back with a brand new solo album in 2017! Black Rain Entertainment and II Tone have been puttin’ it down for years, and always represents Memphis Tennessee to the fullest! This album is crunk as fuck to start off with! The production is done by different producers including Jack Daniels, DJ Cree and St. Kittz but the majority of this dope production was done by Cuttoffurmind! It captures that classic M-Town Get-Buck sound, so if you are a fan of dope Memphis rap then this is a must!

One of the songs I cant stop bumpin’ is Water Off featuring Mac Montese and T-Rock because it is about how people change when you quit doing shit for them. Basically goin’ in on them snakes that lay around waiting for your downfall! Another one I’m feeling is Different because he opens up about alot on here including having Vitiligo which is the same condition that Krizz Kalico of Strange Music has. The album is packed full of heat, including the fire track Take A Puff featuring Mr. 4Twenty and Mac Montese, this one is a real smoker’s anthem!

I’m feeling at least 90% of this album, even the couple songs I’m not into are bumpin’, but then again I’ve never known II Tone or Black Rain to put out anything wack. He even has Lord Infamous(RIP) on here whom was a huge part of Black Rain Entertainment.I love the beats, the dope rhymes, but also the quality. This is the first II-Tone solo I’ve heard in a minute and I strongly recommend it to anyone who is into hard street shit. Definitely a breathe of fresh air for the new year!

Make sure to hit up Itunes and cop this album!
also check out II Tone on Facebook
And Twitter

Episode 328 – Sticky Fingaz of ONYX

Episode 328


Sticky Fingaz of ONYX chopped it up with us about music, film, and much more! Then the homie X-It Only called in for a while and kicked some game for the listeners!

Reviews – K-Rino – The Big 7 Albums

One thing I can say is that I never before in my life reviewed 7 albums at once, that’s because no artist in any genre of music, let alone Hiphop has ever dropped 7 brand new albums with 80+ songs, all on the same day, until now because that is exactly what H-Town Lyrical Legend K-Rino has done. I’m gonna break down each of the 7 albums, but first I want to encourage all media outlets, no matter what form of entertainment, to cover this historical Guinness Record worthy accomplishment because like I stated earlier, no one, I mean no one has ever even attempted this let alone done it! And if you have a Hiphop Media platform and you choose not to speak on this, then you DO NOT REPRESENT HIPHOP! Remember folks, we live in an era where non-talented mumbling morons who lack ability, creativity, knowledge and respect of Hiphop get more acknowledgement than true artists with lyrical supremacy!

Album Titles Contain Itunes Links

The first album is entitled Universal Curriculum and it is packed full of classics, in fact my favorite song off the Big 7 is on this album, Extreme Malice. Once the beat kicks in you can already tell K is about to do some serious lyrical damage, and he just goes off kickin’ it with shit like this “Anyway you script it ima blaze and rip it I’m 3 times as gifted like a birthday for triplets.” I can’t review each track, otherwise I would be here for days but another one that really stood out for me off this album was S.P.C. This track he breaks down the history of the 1st Southern Rap Click, the South Park Coalition which was formed in 1987 and is still alive and well today with a catalog of 200+ albums combined. The album features Z-Ro, Klondike Kat, and others.

The next album is Conception of Concept and right off the bat track number 3 Anesthetics is one that you can’t stop listening to. The lyrical ability on this song would destroy anything that Eminem ever put out. Another example of why the mainstream needs to acknowledge K-Rino’s talents, but outside of a few outlets, he is unfortunately slept on! Trifflin‘ is another track that I can’t stop bumpin’ because it blasts these fake suckers and parasites out here. Listen Up is a track that exposes the evil corruption and racism that the system was built off of.

Now it is time to Enter the Iron Trap and the first track Barbarian is K speaking about how the lyrics are still relevant and then goes off into one of his signature non-stop verbal assaults. It’s hard to break down K’s styles because he has so many, but if I were to break them down into 3, you would get the extreme lyrical, the dope creative story telling, and then the educational and this album, just like all his previous work embodies all three. The song that I can’t stop listening to on this album is Keepin’ Your Name Alive is dedicated to the Late Wickett Cricket. K reflects on all that he learned from him as well as his impact on the city of Houston.

The 4th album is The Wizard’s Ransom which contains my second favorite track off the Big 7 entitled Flashbackwards. Even though I can bump this whole album front to back, this song I have on repeat! In the last verse he speaks about living his life in reverse, from the present day all the way back until he wasn’t even a thought in his parent’s minds. I don’t think I have ever heard another song so creative. “Then back to the day of birth some how I remember though, back into the belly changing from fetus to embryo, then a sperm cell exiting the egg in reverse, then out of the memory of both parents I disperse, Then I heard A voice say how ungrateful that I had been, and said when you appreciate life then I will send you back again.” Once again this proves K’s creativity is bar none.

Number 5 is American Heroes which is probably my favorite album of all, but I’m sure the more I listen to all 7 this will change frequently. But as of now this contains my favorite lyrical track Brain Damage where K literally tells other rappers that he will bump them off and then he will make them clean up their own murder scene. The title track breaks down real American history, as always K didn’t pull any punches. He exposes the evil atrocities of Christopher Columbus, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and more modern monsters such as Ronald Reagan, Both Bushes, and Henry Kissinger to name a few. Then he brought in Ganxsta NIP on the song Administrative Leave where both SPC pioneers go in on crooked cops.

Welcome to Life
is the 6th album, and the title track lets you know that we all struggle, there is pain for everyone! This is the type of song that you listen to when you are going through some real shit. All of K’s albums have songs that make you think, like I said he don’t pull punches, that’s always been one of his strongest points. The song Crazy World gives you a vivid glimpse as what is going in the world today, with everything from child starving to how certain medicines will kill you faster than the actual disease do. Hypocrisy is about how people can be fake and ready to stab you in the back in a heartbeat.

The ending comes with album number 7 Intervention and the story telling once again is untouchable. After 6 albums you would think that he would run out of concepts but not the case at all. Wizard’s Ransom 2 takes you on a journey where K is telling a dope story where everyone is against him and he has to figure out how to make things right overcoming various obstacles. Then on The Man Who Lived Forever has more metaphors than a dumb fuck like myself can keep up with. It’s one of those songs you will need to listen to a bunch of times. Then he caps off the album with a posse song called Firing Squad featuring Klondike Kat, Rapper K, Chucky the Killer, Mr. Cap, B-1, Point Blank, Rhyme Felone and others.


I’m still soaking up the dope music, and to be honest it will take me a long time, because K’s lyrics are unmatched, his concepts are original and always creative beyond belief, but what I respect about K the most is his relentless pursuit to tell the truth. He is not afraid to tell it like it is. He did the unthinkable, he dropped 7 full albums on the same day, never been done before and I don’t think it ever will be done again or outdone, unless it is K-Rino himself who is the one to do it! With that being said I once again encourage ALL MEDIA OUTLETS to cover this amazing achievement. To get physical copies send K-Rino an email for more details, otherwise get’em all digitally on Itunes! -Prezident Bejda

Reviews – Damu and Looselyric – Loyalty is Rare

Props to the homie Miguel from San Diego who likes to send me dope new music from his city. He recently sent me this banger by Damu and Looselyric entitled Loyalty is rare and it proved to be a great album. Sometimes I feel lost in this new era with rappers who mumble, wear dresses, and have no respect for the art at all let alone the legends that came before them, these are some OG Vets and the music speaks for itself. No BS, all dope beats, lyrics, and substance!

Like I mentioned earlier, you don’t have to worry about that new era bullshit with this one, it’s all hard West Coast San Diego Street Shit! Songs like Vision expose you to reality about living in the streets while trying to provide a positive message. It’s about taking risks and doing what is necessary for survival in a rough environment rapped over a laid-back G-Funk smooth beat! Some shit to ride to and something that makes you think about life.

The very next track Feel This is one I got on repeat, the beat is the same sample from Pooh-Man’s classic “Fuckin’ Wit Dank” so you know it’s knockin’, then the lyrics are as hardcore as you could get and reps that Killa Cali Gangsta shit to the fullest! Another one I keep listening to is If I Was Broke where they speak about humble beginnings and how people come around when you start doing good, they say “Would you F-ck wit me if I was broke?” and that’s what we see alot of, people are no where around when you are down but when things start to look up here they come!

I can’t say anything bad about this project, it’s West Coast, hard, street, good music, and G-Funk all the way through! This is the type of music that was made during my favorite era in rap, the 90’s! If you are like myself and can’t stand this radio lame-stream crap of today then you will love this one!

Get their Damu and Looselyric “Loyalty is Rare” on Itunes

Reviews – My Rise 2 Fame by Christopher Wong Won aka Fresh Kid Ice

Fresh Kid Ice Book

What young boy growing up in the 1980s at one point didn’t run up to one of the girls in class, or in some cases straight to the hottest teachers desk and screamed out “We Want Some Pussy” at least once? Ok, maybe most kids didn’t go that far, but by the fourth grade I had already heard the song of that same title and many other 2 Live Crew classics. Even though they went above and beyond to ensure that little motherfuckers like myself didn’t get to hear the music by being the first to place Parental Advisory stickers on the albums or to even recording complete clean versions and still were demonized. As nasty as the music was the group took precautions and did it right, but in the end faced horrible backlash from the Media, Angry Parents, the Government, and the Police. In 1991 after releasing several successful albums, the group as we know it with all four members, disbanded. Sure there were different variations and line ups, but as a true 2 Live Crew fan to me the best line up is with Fresh Kid Ice, Luke, Brother Marquis, and Mr. Mixx all together.

Everyone knows the 2 Live Crew, but what many don’t know is the amazing life of the groups founder Christopher “Fresh Kid Ice” Wong Won. I already knew much of the history of the group and bits and pieces about the members, but when I sat down to read Chris’s book “My Rise 2 Fame” I was immediately blown away about the pain and struggles this man has went through. He was born in Trinidad and by 1977 he moved to Brooklyn, and when he arrived he was greeted by the infamous serial killer Son of Sam and the Black Out. By the early 80s Chris was in the Air Force where he first started the Rock-On Crew, but it wasn’t until he was stationed in California where he met Mr. Mixx and Amazing V and formed the 2 Live Crew.

A few years later Luke brought them down to Miami, Brother Marquis replaced Amazing V and the rest is history. During those years of success, Chris experienced some very traumatizing events as in this book he details health issues as well as a serious car crash where he was a passenger in a friend’s Camaro that left him with his arm and shoulder internally severed. The only reason he survived this horrible crash, Doctors say is that he was asleep during the moment of impact.

He also shares with the readers about his wild times on the road, describing in nasty detail only as the founding member of the 2 Live Crew can. When speaking about the groupies that he would fuck, he mentions that some would give up the goods for just a 2 Live shirt. He speaks of group sex, fucking college girls, and speaks about their famous Japanese Tour where one night a chick came on stage and gave JT Money head and the following night the chick did it to Luke.Chris speaks of how sometimes girls would be waiting on them in hotel rooms eating each other out. Like I said, this is the founder of the nastiest rap group ever, so of course you already know you are gonna get some tales of crazy sex with groupies.

It’s also packed full of rare pictures of Chris with all kinds of entertainers such as Ice Cube, Too Short, and E-40 to name a few. When he is speaking about the classic album As Nasty As They Wanna Be he breaks down virtually every song. He speaks on the concepts, ideas, who came up with what, I thought that was dope how he did that. Nasty was one of the most talked about, controversial and remembered rap albums in history.

Things were going good or seemed to be and by the next album Banned In The USA Chris speaks of only receiving a check for less than 10K. They put out As Nasty As They Wanna Be II and shortly after the group broke up. By the mid 90’s Luke Records filed for bankruptcy due to law suits and owing people money, not long after Lil Joe bought the rights to the music and put out 2 more group albums, one with Mixx, Marquis and Chris and one with just Marquis and Chris. Even though the group was honored by VH1, they have still not reunited with all four members.

After reading the book I took a lot away from it. You have a man who came to this country as a youth, served in the US military, formed one of the most controversial groups in Hiphop history, fought for our Freedom of Speech, but also has battled personal demons, survived 2 strokes, a car accident that left him with permanent nerve damage, was not paid what a Multi-Platinum artist should have been and much more. My Rise 2 Fame is one of the dopest books out there, not only does it tell the story of 2 Live from the beginning , but it also goes into great detail of the success and personal struggles of a true pioneer. Fresh Kid Ice helped to pioneer the West Coast and Down South, that alone makes his legacy set in stone! -Scott “Prezident” Bejda

Get the book on Amazon or order it directly from

Reviews – Jackboy D Payne Presents – Ambitions of a Hustla

00 - Jackboy_D_Payne_Various_Artists_Ambitionz_Of_A_Hu-front-large

Classic LDP (Livin’ Dead Productions) at it’s finest brought to you by Jackboy D-Payne with this brand new mixtape Ambitions of a Hustla. It starts off with Get Rite featuring DH Statking and it details his struggle in life, basically trying to keep his head above water, trying to provide for his family, stay out of prison, and live his life, any real motherfucker with responsibilities has to feel it.

I love the beats he has on here, and some of the beats that he rapped on like the classic “I Got 5 On It” with his twist called “Battle Dont Stop” which he wrote while he was in prison. Plus his deliveries vary, he is not a one track emcee, some songs he rhymes slower, others he flips it fast, like on the track “They’re Back” featuring Scratch LDP and Chico Slim, all 3 of’em kill that shit.

He doesn’t do this alone he enlists several emcees from all over the place including the homie Scratch LDP, Rico Laww, Chico Slim, DH Statking, Slow Mo, so LDP is all over this project. I like the fact that he showcases other cats talents as well as his own.

We fuck with the homie Jackboy D Payne. He is definitely one to look out for. You cant beat the price, $FREE.MOTHERFUCKER so shout out to the homie for putting out a dope project for free. If you want to check out more from Jackboy D-Payne get at him on Facebook and get him on your next project, he also does mixing and mastering so let him fix up your audio too.

You can download Ambitions of a Hustla on Datpiff for free

Reviews – Don Blanco – Love Yall Mixtape-EP

don blanco

Don Blanco drops his new mixtape EP Love Y’all, but it’s more like a full album because it has about 9 or 10 cuts on there. Right from the jump he reps his home with Nine Six Teen reppin’ that 916 Sac-Town California. Full of substance plus you already know it’s a dope project, it’s comin’ from Paystyle. On the track Contemplating he gets real deep about his life and thoughts that go through his head.

Then he goes right into Food For Thought featuring E-Moe and Mistuh-G and all three rip the hell outta the track. The beats on here are all knockin’ some Northern Cali Mob Music mixed with grown folk mentality. This is definitely for the OGs but at the same time it will appeal to the younger generation, but the ones who are not brainwashed and mind f’d by the swag and the lamestream!

Another track I’m feeling is All The Way Up feat E-Moe, the way they flow on there has the appeal to make it in any market. The whole mixtape is bumpin’ but if you are into some trap type shit or some materialistic music, then this is not for you. This is that grown folk music as I mentioned earlier, the type of stuff you listen to when you are in deep thought, when you take a ride and wanna clear your head, this is great for that.

There might be a track or two I don’t completely vibe to but overall I’m diggin’ this whole project for the most part. The best part about it is the fact that it’s hella dope music for f’n free! There is no reason not to at least check it out. The download link is below show some love to Don Blanco because like his mixtape says “Love Y’all” so make sure to show him some love and download the mixtape!

You can download the whole Don Blanco Love Y’all Mixtape for free on Soundcloud

Episode 300 of the Murder Master Music Show

Episode 300


Cli-N-Tel , Arabian Prince Polk of Project Born , RBX , MC Shan , Poppy , K-Dee , Rahiem of the Furious Five , Gangsta Pat , and Dice joined Mac Jay and Prez for the 300th Episode. Also our UGS Fam Sin from France and UGS Fam Brandon outta Pittsburgh joined in for some good convo

Review – HatchGotti – The Return of Mafia Musik


Hatchgotti is comin’ outta Clarksville, Tn and is a part of Vi.D.O.’s Tennessee Butcher’s which just dropped a dope group album “The Sound Of Violence”, but this is his latest solo effort “The Return of Mafia Musik”, which gives you a better glimpse of who he is and what he is about. In the past he went by the name of Lil Hatchet and was also a part of the Clarksville pioneering rap group U.S.A. United Soldiers Affiliation.

The Return of Mafia Musik has a one two punch because there is alot of music on here that would appeal to the younger audience and the females as he refers to making money, going to the club and partying. If you know me you know I’m not into that but, where he makes up for us older cats is by supplying us with plenty of substance, and hard street shit.

The first track that had me listening over and over was My Apology which is packed with substance where he speaks about Ferguson, and his belief’s of what life is all about through the pain and struggles. Then on Mafia War he goes the fuck off on a very aggressive beat, those are the kinds of tracks that I think he is at his best on. He can do virtually any style and do it well, but I love his more aggressive amped up stuff.

The track You Can’t Come Back Here is another one I got on repeat. On this one he is letting you know pretty much not to fuck with him, he’s lettin’ be known that he don’t play no games. Then on Feel The Pain he captures his essence of a classic Scarface type of song, with a beat laced with Piano, reminds you of some mobster shit for sure! He ends the project perfectly with a bonus track “Burn Their Studios Down” featuring the Tennessee Butchers, which is self explanatory as it lets other rappers know not to cross Vi.D.O.

I definitely recommend this album. It was like a Do or Die project because he had tracks for the club, and maybe the females, but he also had that straight Al Capone or in this case John Gotti Mafia Musik! The beats are all tight, and his versatility shows, he can speak about injustices, struggle, and pain, but then can speak on having a good time or maybe just blowing your head off and leaving you in the gutter, either way he puts his all into his music. Dope project!

Get the new album “The Rerurn of Mafia Musik” on Itunes

Episode 298- Eazy-E and Jerry Heller Tribute Show

eazy-e and jerry heller tribute
Episode 298


Gary Ballen , cousin of Jerry Heller joined Prez and Mac Jay as they honored both Jerry and Eazy-E during this special tribute episode. The homie Cli-N-Tel also called in to pay tribute to Eazy and Jerry.

Episode 296 – DJ Ready Red

dj ready red sept 2016
Episode 296


DJ Ready Red formerly of the Ghetto Boys and the Geto Boys joins us once again to kick some convo and tell great Hiphop stories

UGS4LIFE Exclusive-ZULU Nation Phone Conference Audio


UGS4LIFE.Com Exclusive: Poppy who was a past guest on the Murder Master Music Show, and one of the Afrika Bambaataa Sexual Molestation accusers, submitted audio to UGS4LIFE of a Zulu Nation conference call which lasted close to 1:40:00 with ZULU Nation members on the line from around the globe.

During the conference the members discussed how to move forward as well as how to lead the ZULU Nation in the future, but several addressed their concerns and grievances. Around 48:15 into the conference King Monk from the UK refers to Michael Jackson, and Bill Cosby stating that it cannot be solved legally.

A few minutes later around the 50:30 mark Monk says “I see them attacking the temple of Hiphop now and I see them attacking KRS-One for standing up and saying what he thinks is true.”

Then around the 53:40 mark, Minister Alex from Australia said people have received death threats and that he is the only one left from his chapter “All the problems that come from New York is riddled all across the globe. We’ve all suffered the consequences of it. I’ve had people over here that have lost their jobs because of it, people that have been threatened! Members of my own chapter have gotten death threats over this!”

Then around 1:28:10 into the call Bambaataa comes on the line and drops some bombshells! First he speaks on the legacy of the ZULU Nation and then he starts to speak how he is tired of excuses. “I’m tired of hearing the excuses of everyone!” Later he states how he is not scared of social media “I’m not scared, I’m not no bitch.”

Then he even referred to Bill Clinton and how Clinton didn’t step down when he was accused. “Did you see President Clinton bow down and step down when he was President and went through his type of shame for whatever he did and the whole Government left and got scared and had to change his flag and business? Stop acting like bitches!” Then later he boldly claims “I’m Not Going Nowhere!”

So for all of the rumors about Bambaataa still running the ZULU Nation, it sounds like people are trying to reorganize but also sounds like he is clearly still involved behind the scenes.

Check out the audio in this youtube link below

Episode 263:Cli-N-Tel and MC Sha-Rock


Episode #263


Cli-N-Tel is no stranger to the show, here he brought the first female MC Sha-Rock with him to discuss the Universal Hiphop Museum and much more! World Class Wreckin Cru.

Reviews – Snake Lucci – River City

Snake Lucci actually put out River City awhile back because he has been incarcerated
for quite sometime.Even though he is behind the wall he has alot to say as you will
hear in an upcoming interview that he did with me recently. His people sent me this
album and I gotta say it is hard as fuck as you will find out for yourself.

He is from Omaha Nebraska which is a spot known in the underground for talented
artists such as Lon Mac aka Lon Meezy, and several others making it one of the hot
spots in the Mid-West even though it does not get the props that it deserves.
Snake continues with this tradition bringing real tight lyrics over super dope beats
that give the River City project a classic sound from the Middle of the map!

He raps about the harsh realities of the streets and has several flows. He can speed
it up fast as hell with that sniper flow, but then can slow it down for some laid back
shit. Over all he is a very well rounded artist. He has some help on here with cats
like Reali-T, Titus, Big Sofa, MCE, and QP.

Songs like Threat feat Reali-T displays a pure Hip-Hop style over hardcore rhymes
about the gritty conrete life. My other favorite cut was Face Off also with A
guest spot from Reali-T, in fact the song has a Chopped-N-Screwed version too.

This album is a must if you wanna check it out make sure to go to

And if you want to write to Snake Lucci hit him up at

Mario Calloway 6657725
406 N. High St.
Anamosa, Iowa 52205

Reviews – First Degree The D.E. – Black Bane The Misunderstood Hero Part 1

When it comes to uncertainty, the element of surprise, the unknown,
and the macabre mixed with knowledge, funk, dope beats, and at times
utter insanity, you got yourself a First Degree The D.E. album, and
“The Black Bane: The Misunderstood Hero Part 1” lives up to all of those
attributes and then some.

It starts off with the title track “Black Bane” which happens to be laced with
one of the dopest beats I’ve heard in a long time, and is perfect to set the tone
for the rest of the album which will take you on many twists and turns
only like D.E. can. The funk is all over the album with alot of live instruments!
He has a whole catalog of music dating back to the early 90’s, but the question is
where does this album rank among the D.E. classics!

If you have been following him then you will not only thoroughly enjoy this album,
you might even go as to far as to say that it might be his best effort to date.
Phonk Beta of course is all over the project, it has many tracks that are worth
checking out like the unity driven underground homage payer “The Fahrenheit Record”
or maybe the funk on “Say Serra” is mixed perfectly with realism and the 90’s elements
on “I Wear Black Cuz Its Just My Style” are just what the rap game needs right now.

There is a total of 12 tracks altogether, with two videos “I Wear Black Cuz Its Just My Style
and Black Bane as well as live instrumentation throughout the project making this
another D.E. classic to add to his catalog. When you listen to this album you
should walk away with more knowledge, more musical insight, and as always with
D.E. a huge mind full of “What the F-ck?” Plus he does take care of all the
randoms from randomsville! If you are a new listener this album will take you
on a wild ride straight into the mind of D.E. and after you hear it, you should
be on your way to discovering his other projects from the last two decades!

Get the album Black Bane The Misunderstood Hero Part 1 on Itunes
Also check out D.E.’s Site for music, radio, and much more!

Reviews – Graveyard Shift -The Best of Jackboy D Payne and Scratch LDP

00 - Various_Artists_Graveyard_Shift-front-large

Jackboy D. Payne and Scratch LDP bring you a collection of music
recorded over the last few years entitled Graveyard Shift.
It’s a greatest hits project and best part it’s free, no
reason not to check it out especially if you want hard beats
mixed with aggressive deliveries. During a time when dumbed
down rap is dominant, it’s refreshing to hear some real shit!

Right out the gate “Give A Fuck” feat Slow Mo and J-Mack, this
sets the tone for the rest of the project. These cats give you
lyrics, and flow with concepts pertaining to the streets, life,
struggles, pain, and insanity at times.

I’m bumpin’ the hell outta this project but I’m stuck on the song
Tales From The Darkside which was recorded in 2009 and Scratch
re-edited the Video of the same title that was also filmed in ’09!
It starts off with a rapid fire chorus followed by some straight
murder verses by both Scratch LDP and Jackboy D. Payne.

There is a few tracks that are more laid back maybe on some
pimpin shit, but my favorites are the hardcore like Wig Split
feat Cloud-9. You gotta also bump Where Da Weed for the smokers,
and if you want substance they got plenty of that too check out
I Put It Down which speaks on suicidal thoughts and lost loved ones
and those incarcerated!

Check out the 2 Mash-Up Tracks which features collections of
various tracks mixed together. Dope project, talented artists
and it’s fuckin’ free! Download and bump this shit
immediately! – Prezident Bejda

Download For Free Datpiff
Also Check out their Datpiff Page for tons of free dope music

Historical Hiphop Round Table Interview Takes Place

universal hiphop museum roundtable
1/14/16 was a historical day in Hip-Hop even though many do not even know about what took place.Former Dr. Dre and DJ Yella of NWA band mate Cli-N-Tel (World Class Wreckin Cru) co-hosted an episode of the Murder Master Music Show with hosts Prez and Mac Jay. Cli-N-Tel who is A West Coast Representative of the Universal Hiphop Museum invited several guests on behalf of the museum that included people like Grand Wizard Theodore aka the inventor of the scratch, the first female emcee Sha Rock, plus Rocky Bucano, Afrika Bambataa, Kurtis Blow, Paradise Gray, DJ Cutman and UGS Radio’s own Siccx on behalf of his late brother, Mike “Dream” Francisco, West Coast Graffiti King.

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Universal Hiphop Museum Round Table Kurtis Blow

Episode #236


Universal Hiphop Museum Afrika Bambataa, Kurtis Blow, Paradise Gray (X-Clan), Cli-N-Tel,Grand Wizard Theodore (First DJ to Scratch), Sha-Rock (First Female Emcee), Rocky Bucano,and Siccx to represent his brother the late Mike Dream Francisco (West Coast Graffiti King) among others came through .

Reviews – T-Rock – The Untold Truth


First and foremost you can’t deny the lyrical ability of T-Rock
In fact, he should always be recognized as one of the best to
ever do it. He has a rapid fire delivery, but can also hit you
from several other angles with many styles and flows.

We recently had him on the show and previewed dope tracks like
“Help Me God”, other tracks that stood out were “D.O.A.”,
“Burn It Down”, and “Ride Or Die”, the whole album is bumpin’
it has stuff for the streets, some club bangers, and plenty of

There is abut 18 tracks with some features but the majority of it
is T-Rock. I don’t mind features, but when I listen to an album
especially one by the likes of T-Rock, K-Rino, NIP, Spice-1 and
others, I want to hear them, their styles, and artistry and T did
not let yall down! I reviewed other projects from him and one thing
is for sure, that is his talent is still here and still elevating!
Over all another great album from a talented vet! -Prezident Bejda

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Chuck D Says No Public Enemy Film

Chuck-D of Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame group Public Enemy recently was added to the Murder Master Music Show’s legendary archive. He spoke with Prez and Mac Jay on a wide variety of topics including P.E.’s new album, Straight Outta Compton, and more! Public Enemy Cover

“Our drama is not the same and Hollywood green lights black drama. You had beef, you had drama,you had sex, you had death, and you had Hip-Hop and you had star appeal. They had everything in that movie. Straight Outta Compton and NWA was the perfect storm. They didn’t exist long as a group. It self destructed after 3 to 4 years, there ain’t no story to Public Enemy other than the black guys win in the end, there ain’t no story in that. Hollywood can’t sell that”
chuck d
Over all is was a random interview that took place at Midnight on the 21st , straight to the point and thorough. Chuck reminisced about touring on the road with Ice-T and much more during this legendary interview. Check out the full interview below.

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25th Anniversary of the Poison Clan

PC Logo

It’s been 25 years since one of the South’s most underrated rap groups made their debut with the classic album “2 Low Life Muthas”, and that group is none other than the Poison Clan. A young Debonaire, JT Money, and Drugz were discovered by founding member and producer of the 2 Live Crew, Mr. Mixx. Mixx liked what he had heard and immediately brought the Clan to Luke Records to meet Luke directly.Luke signed the  group to a subsidiary label of Luke Records which was known as Effect Records.

2 low life muthas

In 1990 the first album “2 Low Life Muthas” was produced by Mr. Mixx and featured a mixture of Bass music and dirty explicit lyrics but they also had that hardcore street shit. That is what separated them from alotta of people coming out of the South East at the time. Tracks like the title cut “Low Life Mutha Fuckaz” was just as brutal as NWA or the Geto Boys, where as tracks like “The Bitch That I Hate”, and “You Gets Nothin'” was just as raunchy as Too $hort or their label mates, the 2 Live Crew.
From 1990-1991 the group appeared on 2 Live Crew’s classic album Banned in the USA and recorded the single “In My Nature.” Eventually Debonaire, and Drugz left to form the group Home Team, and JT Money along with other Poison Clan members UZI, Madball, Big Ram, and producer Mike Fresh reformed PC for their second album “Poisonous Mentality.”

poisonous mentality

In 1992 “Poisonous Mentality” hit the shelves with the first single being a heavy bass driven strip club anthem known as “Shake Whatcha Mama Gave Ya.” The song is still considered one of if not the best strip club songs of all time and it set the tone for the for the project, but the album was really more street than Bass. Songs like “Fugitive”, “Some Shit I Used to Do”, “Livin’ In The City”, and “Action” were filled with grimy brutal tales of street life. When it came to being sexually explicit this album took the fuckin’ cake. Songs like “Ho Stories”, “All They Good 4”, and “Somethin’ 4 U Raggedy Hoes” were filled with tales of crazy sex capers and wild one-legged hoes like Sonya.

Ruff Town Behavior
’93 was the last time that the Poison Clan released an album with Luke with thier classic “Ruff Town Behavior.” Once again, it was another classic filled with gritty street tales and some of the nastiest most explicit shit you ever heard. Songs like “Peepin” and Goin’ All Out” catered to the streets where as “Put Shit Pass No Ho” gave us all another lesson as to how untrustworthy your average no good bitch can be. Once again the legendary Mike Fresh who is actually one of the pioneers of the Atlanta rap scene, supplied the dope production.

1993-1994 PC was featured on various Luke Records projects where as JT Money was one of the artists on the Dr. Dre, Snoop, and Death Row diss reply to Dre’s “Dre Day”, entitled “Cowards in Compton.” In 1995 the Poison Clan through Warlock Records released their 4th and final album “Strait Zooism.” In my opinion this was a phenomenal piece of work because not only did the other members start to appear more on the songs, but they gelled perfectly with the Bitch-Izer, aka JT Money. This was the last album other than a greatest hits project that was released some years later. But all 4 of their original albums charted and made impacts in their own way.

Strait Zooism

Madball and Uzi went on to do various projects such as Ruff Town Mob, Debonaire and Drugs released an album as “Home Team” which featured the single “Pick It Up”, and JT Money went on to winning a Billboard Award and earn some plaques as a solo artist.
Poison Clan’s stint in the rap world lasted a short five years from 1990-1995 and it has been a full 20 years since the group put out an album. Maybe one could hope for a reunion in 2015. With that being said when you mention influencing  groups like UGK, Three 6 Mafia, Outkast, Goodie Mob, Hot Boys, TRU, and many others, you should always mention the Poison Clan. At no time should PC be left out of any discussion about Southern Hiphop legends and pioneers.

TNT of NATAS: A True Pioneer is Gone but not Forgotten


12/20 is starting to become a date in underground rap history that is synonymous with losing legends. 12/20/13 was the date that pioneering member of Three 6 Mafia, Lord Infamous died of a heart attack at his Mother’s kitchen table in Memphis. A year to the date 12/20/14 at roughly 1am in the morning the underground was struck once again with the sudden death of Wicketshit Legend and Pioneering member of NATAS, Terry “TNT” Jones. He was driving and struck a parked van, he was thrown from the vehicle.

Who is TNT? Just like in his popular solo song “Who Am I?” off the debut NATAS album “Life After Death” in 1992 on Reel Life Productions. I did not know TNT personally, but through his music I felt I was able to connect with a very talented and highly underrated artist. An artist that was virtually slept on his whole career.


Along with Esham, and Mastamind, the trio set the stage literally on fire and blazed trails that many others have followed. I am a music journalist and followed the careers of Esham and NATAS and in 1998 was able to introduce RLP to the world of Murder Dog Magazine which landed the group on the cover the following year to promote the classic NATAS album WWW.Com

I am proud that I was able to help spread the word about Esham and NATAS to different areas through Murder Dog.
I feel privileged to be one of the few to have reviewed TNT’s music but to also let the people know how strong his influence was. The bottom line is there would be no Eminem or ICP if it were not for RLP (Esham & NATAS) and TNT was a huge part of that.


TNT has several solo songs throughout the NATAS catalog and was also featured on many of Esham’s classic albums. One of the things I always wanted to hear was a TNT solo album. I was waiting on “Tony Montana Mob Music” first announced to drop in 1996, then many years later “Suicide Bomber”, but unfortunately TNT never dropped any solo projects.

Acid Rap opened up doors for many and TNT was a major factor. Even before the first NATAS album TNT was there to support his friend Esham with his solo albums. But once the group formed you could tell this was something that was never heard before within the rap game. You had a trio of terror bombing the shit outta the rap game and making an impact felt from state to state.

Detroit and the Mid-West cannot deny who set the bar, nor who kicked shit off. Your average person thinks Eminem is the Godfather of Detroit Hiphop, but who made it possible for him? RLP made it possible!

Regardless of the music left behind, the legacy, the memories, there is a young man who will no longer be able to see his family gone forever. At Underground Society, UGS Radio, Murder Master Music Show, KFYB, COR, and Underground Classics we all pay our respects to TNT and to his family.

Enjoy this YouTube Mix of some of his solo songs

Rest In Peace Terry “TNT” Jones tnt

Jerry Mataeo: Beyond Sound

Have you ever bought an album from an artist and wondered how it sounded so good. Was it the artist? The producer? Maybe it was the guy behind the scenes who is paid to make your audio recordings sound phenomenal. People who are not familiar with the recording process need to talk to Jerry Mateo or at least check out some of his video tutorials.

Jerry Mateo outta LA has been doing audio work for years and has achieved many accolades for his efforts. He has worked with many people, in many studios, and even has been testing plug-ins for various companies.His abilities and talents range from doing mixing and mastering to audio effects, cleaning up audio, and much more.

Jerry 1

 Siccx brought Jerry to UGS  to work on the old F.T.I. Underground Podcast back in 2011. Those podcasts were recorded over the phone so you can imagine the original quality before Jerry got to work on them. He cleaned up the audio to the point to where you could not even tell it was recorded over the phone.

FTI podcast

When we dropped the Murder Master Music Show  Mixtape in 2013 Jerry mastered it for us. It contained over 50 songs and he did the entire project on his own. Many tracks that were submitted were not mastered and were very low quality, but once again Jerry went to work and everything came out sounding great.

mixtape DX 11-1-13

Jerry has also been active at the site submitting very descriptive  articles. But anyone can tell you something, so to further give you examples of his abilities he also did amazing video tutorials. These videos are great to not only give you advice, but to those needing audio work, they will show you that with Jerry you got the right guy for the job.

Jerry 3

Whether you need a song mixed or an entire album mixed and mastered Jerry is one you should consider for your next project.  No job is to big or small but keep in mind that he is very serious about his work. His work is thorough and professional, but do not contact him if you are not serious.

To get at Jerry hit up his email at

Check out Audio 101 to see Jerry’s Video Tutorials and read his articles

Gangsta Pat: He put one of Rap’s most influential cities on the map!

Memphis rap has to be one of the most influential yet under-credited cities in the rap game. So many hits came outta the M-Town, many of which are only known by the underground community. A lot of artists don’t get credit for the impact that they had on other artists and cities.
Gangsta Pat 1
Memphis has a forgotten pioneer who stood his ground and fought hard at a time in rap when such legends as 2 Live Crew, Geto Boys, NWA, and Public Enemy were dominating the charts. I am referring to Memphis rap pioneer Gangsta Pat.

Gangsta Pat 2
Pat put out “#1 Suspect” the same year NWA dropped “zaggin4life”, the same year Geto Boys dropped “We Can’t Be Stopped”, the same year 2 Live Crew put out “As Nasty As They Wanna Be Part II” and the same year P.E. hit’em with “Apocalypse 91.” Not to mention other classics like 2nd II None’s, AMG’s, MC Breed’s and DJ Quik’s debut albums to name a few.
Gangsta Pat signed to Atlantic Records being the first artist outta Memphis to sign a major deal. This was when he was only a teenager fresh off the hard streets of Memphis. His album was full of brutal reality with songs like “Shootin’ On Narcs” which took NWA’s “Fuck Tha Police” to a whole new level. Not only was it vivid detail about the drug trade, and the violence in the streets, but it had a straight forward message to the narcotics officers who were not  happy about the record.

Coming from a young kid this was a huge decision to make, especially with your debut album, but Pat stood his ground against the cops and exercised his right to freedom of speech. #1 Suspect as a whole was without a doubt one of if not the hardest albums of 1991.

Later on Pat continued to drop classic after classic on an underground level reaching loyal fans around the world. Songs like “Deadly Verses” and “I Wanna Smoke” have proven to be timeless among many. Pat is still dropping music on his label Red Rum Records, with last year’s EP “Live From Black Haven” and his upcoming release “I Wanna Smoke 20th Anniversary.”

Pat has also been a huge part of the Murder Master Music Show calling into legendary episodes such as the round table with Pat, Ganxsta NIP, and JT Money which can be heard below.

Check out other legendary interviews with Gangsta Pat on the UGS website. Find his name in the scroll down menu on the main page.

Also a few years ago Pat put out a great documentary which touched on not only his career but his life. Check it out below.
Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

No matter what anyone does or says no one can take away Gangsta Pat’s place in Southern Rap History nor can they deny the fact that he sparked the scene in Memphis which opened the doors for many others.

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Ganxsta NIP’s Resurgence

In the early 1990s Rapalot Records had the South on lock. In addition to the Geto Boys artists like Ganxsta NIP would make a huge impact. His influence on the game is something that still exists to this day, but NIP never got his props. After releasing 4 albums with the power house Platinum label, NIP left Rapalot. NIP along with several members of the South Park Coalition continue to this day to release new material. The SPC has  a fan base that spans around the globe and all over the states.

southpark psycho Ganksta-NIP-Psychic-Thoughts

psychotic genius interview with a killer


NIP released a string of albums, with very minimal press on his own label Psych Ward ENT. Every so often he would be mentioned in an article or a “best of” column because some writers knew he had such a huge influence on the game, but no one would do big stories on him. In fact through out most of his career he rarely did interviews at all. If he got press it was usually something negative such as with the Ronald Ray Howard case, where Howard murdered a patrolman and then blamed it on the music of Tupac, Scarface, and Ganksta NIP among others.

ganxsta nip god of horrocore cover

With the release of God of Horrorcore on his own label Psych Ward ENT, NIP knew it was time for him to come back and retake his genre of rap known as Horrorcore. He teamed up with Underground Society Founder and long time music journalist Prezident Bejda. After being a guest on Bejda’s Murder Master Music Show several times, NIP put Bejda on the God of Horrorcore twice to promote his online radio show and Underground Society. NIP also recorded the intro song to another UGS Radio show, K.F.Y.B. Eventually Prez started to manage the South Park Psycho and under Bejda’s management the two managed to rack up the biggest press in the history of the amazing career of NIP.

ganxstanip houston chronicle allhiphop

Before too long NIP was on,, Houston Press,,,, and the Houston Chronicle. Even on Halloween NIP chose his Top 5 Horror flicks for the site It is only a matter of time before the right person sees the marketability of the Horrorcore Pioneer.


What is the significance to Ganxsta NIP getting press in 2014 when he should have been getting it for the last two decades? The significance is his contributions to rap were so huge that they were pretty much swept under the rug. The story of NIP and what he created and contributed is now being told to the world via some of the biggest media outlets not only in rap but in news print. Not only has he gained long overdue props, but he has also proved that he can still be a contender against anyone. His music is on point and the God of Horrorcore proves that.

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