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Church of Reality 45: Free Shannon Nyamodi

Episode #45


A young man tries to help a woman who ran out of her house by calling 911 only to find himself the suspect and is not incarcerated. His Mother Elizabeth along with a panel will discuss his case.

Church of Reality 43: Free Terry Young

Episode #43


Terry Young has already served 17 years, he paid his debt to society, but the Feds wanna keep him away from his family for the rest of his life. Tune in and help free this man so he can reunite with his family and friends!

Church of Reality 42: The Feminine Fad has Hiphop on Life Support

Episode #42


Once you come out the closet that street cred flies out the window. How come certain people get a pass for dressing like women and why are many of the pioneers and legends silent? Special guest Dope-E will return and join the discussion tonight on the Church of Reality!


Church of Reality 40: Mass Eviction

Episode #40


Mass Eviction happens all the time and the Bay Area is not immune to the havenots being disgarded like pieces of trash by the rich scumb at the top of the pyramid!

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