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scratch logo black back
UGS4LIFE has always been about art. Scratch LDP is the Graphic Artist that we recommend and he has done a lot of art, in fact he has done well over hundreds of album covers alone, tons of logos, and several other pieces for many clients including doing many legend’s album covers, logos, and designs. Here you will find a few pieces of his work along with a direct link to his Scratch LDP Graphics. Scratch is the official Underground Society Graphic Artist

CD Covers $40 Front or $55 for Front and Back

Logos, Business Card Design. and Flyers $40

For more info hit up Scratch at 





Art By Scratch LDP for Scratch Graphics 

two face art

ugs logo no border

ugs promo flyer

wake & bake

war zone cover

xit art

xit flyer art


black roses art

blue blue

brian listening party

deathrow ldp

deep cover art

facebook banner 2

facebook banner

franchise training camp cover

front cover FINAL


glory munchies

graveyard shift

hustle 101 6

Jessica Mamode (13 of 26) take 1

kappone no hesitation

kd future 2


marisca horror

mass cover art

mmms no words

modine cartoon

Natty Blaze

non fiction final


ransom prayers art

scan infamous

scratch last breath

scratchaveli cover

sk art new

SKRILLA remix pic777

slow mo i dont fuck off

slowmo 420

snake dabs 2


struggle artwork

tc down south

tre dolla huff no art jus fonts

chad blunt timeline cover

chastain fb cover photo

cypher pic

dead click art

scratch jackboy d payne



damon two face pic

rey 2






cold as ice art

420 part 2

bully plug

halloween collection

girl 2

devils night

nip use now

tacoma final


12672123_1730928013820895_6396542623687138299_o12232696_1730937383819958_2476610551855549237_o12512427_1730930060487357_3672052190669906222_n12890880_1730927993820897_7910817735451650332_o12321372_1730929777154052_4100376828234547812_nMURDER MASTER MUSIC SHOW LOGOscratch cover_3mmms graphic 212472637_1730930010487362_6073010806247494195_nscratch 312923235_1730927543820942_1936844700750264829_n















































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