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Prezident Bejda interview on the Xtract Show on LA Talk Radio





Yahoo! Music’s Aftermath Speaks on UGS “Fuck Tha Illuminati” Compilation





Siccx and Prez on Securing Liberty Radio 2/2/12 Part One

Siccx and Prez on Securing Liberty Radio 2/2/12 Part Two

Siccx and Prez on Securing Liberty Radio 11/8/11 Part One

Siccx and Prez on Securing Liberty Radio 11/8/11 Part Two

Siccx and Prez on Securing Liberty Radio 8/2/11 Part One

Siccx and Prez on Securing Liberty Radio 8/2/11 Part Two





Esham Calls Out Eminem 2/27/15

Professor Griff tells Kanye to move to Africa 4/14/14

Ganxtsa Nip Recalls Audition with Rapalot 3/7/14

Big Syke of Thuglife 1/25/14

C-Bo, Spice-1, JT Money, Kokane and More 1/23/14

Rapalot Round Table 12/20/13

Turk  11/15/13

First Degree the D.E. joins UGS Radio 11/15/13 

Origins of G-Funk 11/1/13 

Murder Master Music Show Mixtape 10.29/13

Woodpile Takes Over Tech N9ne Video Shoot 10/11/13

Yella speaks on NWA and Eazy-E AIDS Conspiracy 9/17/13

San Quinn Speaks on Tupac Fight 8/22/13

Freddie Gibbs Speaks on Young Jeezy 7/8/13

Fiend Speaks on No Limit 6/24/13

Three 6 Mafia Reunites as Da Mafia 6ix 6/22/13

 First Degree Speaks on Brotha Lynch Hung Beef 6/7/13

Dr. Dre’s accused of beating women and Ice Cube a Fake Gangsta 6/7/13

Rap Roundtable with DJ Ready Red, Spice-1, JT Money, Marvaless, Skinny Pimp, and Mr Serv-On 5/31/13

The Real Rick Ross Wants To Fight The Fake Rick Ross 5/23/13 

Jerry Heller Speaks About Eazy Wanting to kill Suge Knight 5/11/13

AP9 Finally Speaks about Coco Affair Rumors 1/3/13

Murder Master 50th Episode on 12/21/12

Murder Master Roundtable with JT Money, Ganxsta Nip, and Gangsta Pat 11/13/12

The Real Rick Ross on Murder Master Music Show 7/9/12

Layzie Bone and Journalist Get into it on the Air 6/25/12

Skatterman Reveals Why He Left Strange Music 6/18/12

Yukmouth Speaks about Mac Dre on Murder Master Music Show 6/8/12

Murder Master Music Show on 6/2/12




Prezident Bejda Interview of the Week






Al Kapone Explaining “Fuck Tha Illuminati”






 Prezident Bejda on America in Focus 3-31-11




Vlad Tv AP-9 Coco  1/4/13

Vlad TV Youtube  1/4/13

Allhiphop AP-9 Coco 1/4/13 AP-9 Coco 1/4/13


Worldstarhiphop Ap-9 Coco 1/5/13


Yukmouth calls Trinidad James Gay on the Murder Master Music Show 4/28/13

Yukmouth goes after ASAP Rocky SOHH 4/28/13

Yukmouth Says No Beef with Trinidad SOHH 4/29/13


Mr. Serv-On Guest on the Murder Master Music Show  5/3/13


Eazy-E Planned to Kill Suge Knight 5/11/13

Jerry Heller Interview Hot New Hiphop 5/11/13 (These bitches did not credit us) 

Eazy-E Planned to Kill Suge ( 

Eazy-E Planed to Kill Suge (Digital Journal) 5/12-13

Ruthless Records Co-Founder Jerry Heller (Hiphop365) 5/12/13

Eazy-E Planned to Kill Suge (Funk Master Flex) 

eazy XXL

Eazy-E Planned to Kill Suge Knight XXL 5/12/13

Jerry Heller Claims He and Eazy put the Source in business 5/13/13

bet logo

Eazy-E Planned to Kill Suge Knight (BET News) 5/13/13

The Real Rick Ross wants to Fight the Rapper BET 5/24/13


The Real Rick Ross Wants to Fight the Fake Rick Ross Hiphop DX 5/23/13

Real Rick Wants to Fight Fake Rick Hot New Hiphop 5/23/13

Real Rick Ross Want to Fight the Fake Rick Phoenix Magazine 5/23/13

Real Rick Ross Wants to Fight Fake Hiphop365 5/23/13

Real Rick Ross Charity Fight Challenge HOT 97   5/24/13 

Real Rick Ross Fight The Grio.Com 5/29/13

Rick Ross Fight Challenge Huffington Post 5/29/13

Rick Ross Fight Challenge Jet Magazine 5/31/13


ON KFYB TQ Speaks on Baby and Wayne Kiss 5/26/13

TQ KFYB Show on Vlad TV 5/26/13

TQ Show on SOHH 5/26/13

Dr. dre dx

Dre Beating Women Ice Cube Fake Gangsta Hiphop DX 6/7/13

Dre and Cube aren’t who they say they are VLADTV.COM 6/9/13

Dre and Cube All Hiphop 6/11/13


Fiend Speaks on Master P HiphopDX 6/22/13

freddie gibbs dx

Freddie Gibbs Speaks on Young Jeezy HiphopDX 7/6/13

Freddie Gibbs on SOHH 7/7/13

Freddie Gibbs Show on Allhiphop 7/8/13

Freddie Gibbs VladTV 7/8/13

dj ready red hiphopdx_1

DJ Ready Red speaks about time with Rap-A-Lot on HiphopDX 7/30/13


Penthouse Player’s Clique Speak on DJ Quik 8/3/13

San Quinn

San Quinn Speaks on 1992 Tupac Altercation HiphopDX 8/22/13

Yella of NWA

Yella of NWA on AFH 9/18/13

XXL-Rick Ross Oct-2013

Rick Ross Calls out Jay-Z on Drug Dealing Past XXL 10/25/13

Rick Ross Allhiphop 10/25/13

Rick Ross Complex 10.25.13 

Rick Ross Hiphop DX 10/25/13 

Rick Ross SOHH 10/25/13

Rick Ross Hot New Hiphop 10.25.13

Rick Ross VladTV 10/25/13

Rick Ross This is 50 10/26/13 

Rick Ross Allhiphop 10/28/13

mixtape DX 11-1-13

Murder Master Music Show Mixtape Featured on DX 11/1/13


Turk on HiphopDX 11/15.13 

Turk on Sohh 11/15/13

rapalot roundtable

Rapalot Roundtable on Ambrosia 12/20/13

professor griff on DX

Professor Griff Tells Kanye to move to Africa DX  4/14/14

heller on dx 6-29-14

Jerry Heller Speaks on NWA Biopic 6/29/14

rick ross 8-3-12 DX

Freeway Rick Ross DX 8/3/14 


Bushwick Bill HiphopDX 9/13/14

dj speed calls Jerry Heller a Snake

DJ Speed Calls Jerry Heller A Snake HiphopDX 11/16/14

whodini DX

Jalil of Whodini HiphopDX 11/30/14 

dj paul dec 2014

DJ Paul HiphopDX 12/12/2014

russell simmons gay allhiphop

Russell Simmons Allhiphop 1/10/2014

Rev Run’s Newphew Shits on Def Jam  Hollywood Street King1/11/15

Esham DX

Esham Calls Eminem a Bitch HiphopDX 2/27/15 

Esham Interview  Faygoluvers 2/26/15

Esham Calls out Eminem Ballstatus 2/27/15

Esham on Hiphop Early 2/27/15

Esham Interview on VladTV 2/27/15

Esham Design and Trend 2/27/15 

Esham on Siccness 2/27/15

jerry heller allhiphop

Jerry Heller VladTV 4/3/15

Jerry Heller Allhiphop 4/2/15

Jerry Heller Smoking Section 4/2/15

Jerry Heller Pittsburgh Courier 4/2/15

Jerry Heller Watch Cloud 4/2/15

Jerry Heller Michigan Chronicle 4/2/15

Jerry Heller Uptown Magazine 4/2/15

Jerry Heller Hiphop Early 4/2/15

Jerry Heller Urban Daily 4/2/15

Jerry Heller HiphopDX 4/1/15

Jerry Heller Design & Trend 4/1/15

Jerry Heller Ballerstatus 4/1/15

Jerry Heller on Siccness 4/1/15

 Luniz HiphopDX

Luniz on Siccness 4/11/15

Luniz on DX 4/12/15

Luniz on Ambrosia 4/12/15

Luniz on Hotnewhiphop 4/12/15

rhythm d hiphopdx

Rhythm D on DX 5/8/2015 

Rhythm D on Siccness 5/8/2015

allhiphop unreleased nwa tracks

 Unreleased NWA Tracks 7/8/15

Unreleased NWA Tracks VIBE 7/9/15

Unreleased NWA BET 7/9/15

fresh kid ice dx july 2015

Why 2 Live Crew broke up DX 7/9/15

siccness 200th show

Murder Master 200th Episode Siccness 7/15/15

ambrosia serv on july 26

Mr. Serv-On No Limit Reunion on Ambrosia 7/26/15

Geto Boys Album on Ambrosia 7/29/15

 LA Weekly Jerry Heller 2015

LA Weekly Article mentions MMMS Episode 8/11/15

heller vlad

Jerry Heller 200th Episode on Vlad 8/18/15 

Jerry Heller I Shoulda Let Eazy on Vlad 8/19/2015

NY Post Eazy

Was Eazy Murdered? New York Post 8/21/15

Eazy’s Plot- Next Shark 8/21/15

Eazy’s Plot-Music Times /23/15

Eazy’s Plot to Murder Suge 8/24/15

Eazy’s Plot-EURWEB 8/25/15

spin eazy

Eazy’s Plot – SPIN 8/25/15

Eazy’s Plot – National Post 8/25/15

eazy e marty thomas dx sep 30th 2015

Unseen Eazy-E Footage HiphopDX 9/30/15

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