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Reviews – Detag – The Black EP

Detag the Black EP cover

There is no way for this review to do justice to Detag as an artist, producer, and musician! He is from the Netherlands and has a lengthy career in music that goes back to the 90s. He has released several projects over the years including many this year alone that range to everything from Brother NIP’s Souljahz Only and Sleepwalkas Secret of da Ooze to his new group with Scratch LDP and D-Payne the Dead Click to name a few.

The Black EP really showcases Detag’s talents which include dope production, live instrumentation,dope rhyme skills, and the ability to sing. He is a one man band for sure! It starts off with a wicked horror filled intro and goes right into a song called F-ck which has some of the hardest guitar I’ve heard on a rap song in a long time. Really I can’t just classify F-ck as a rap song because there are parts where he is singing making this a great blend of Rock and Hip Hop. Right after that you hear Nip’s voices sampled on the track Murder which is about as dark as you can get. He captured the sound he was looking for with this project!

The Black Season is my favorite track on the EP. I can’t even describe it because it has a Bay Area Mob type sound mixed with some very dope Rock. He sings on the hook which really shows his talent as a vocalist. There is no way to put Detag in a box or try to put him in one category, he is multi-talented and is capable of holding his own with any producer or artist out there period. Do yourself a favor , step outside the box , open your mind and enjoy Detag’s The Black EP, you wont be disappointed.

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