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Reviews – First Degree The D.E. – Black Bane The Misunderstood Hero Part 1

When it comes to uncertainty, the element of surprise, the unknown,
and the macabre mixed with knowledge, funk, dope beats, and at times
utter insanity, you got yourself a First Degree The D.E. album, and
“The Black Bane: The Misunderstood Hero Part 1” lives up to all of those
attributes and then some.

It starts off with the title track “Black Bane” which happens to be laced with
one of the dopest beats I’ve heard in a long time, and is perfect to set the tone
for the rest of the album which will take you on many twists and turns
only like D.E. can. The funk is all over the album with alot of live instruments!
He has a whole catalog of music dating back to the early 90’s, but the question is
where does this album rank among the D.E. classics!

If you have been following him then you will not only thoroughly enjoy this album,
you might even go as to far as to say that it might be his best effort to date.
Phonk Beta of course is all over the project, it has many tracks that are worth
checking out like the unity driven underground homage payer “The Fahrenheit Record”
or maybe the funk on “Say Serra” is mixed perfectly with realism and the 90’s elements
on “I Wear Black Cuz Its Just My Style” are just what the rap game needs right now.

There is a total of 12 tracks altogether, with two videos “I Wear Black Cuz Its Just My Style
and Black Bane as well as live instrumentation throughout the project making this
another D.E. classic to add to his catalog. When you listen to this album you
should walk away with more knowledge, more musical insight, and as always with
D.E. a huge mind full of “What the F-ck?” Plus he does take care of all the
randoms from randomsville! If you are a new listener this album will take you
on a wild ride straight into the mind of D.E. and after you hear it, you should
be on your way to discovering his other projects from the last two decades!

Get the album Black Bane The Misunderstood Hero Part 1 on Itunes
Also check out D.E.’s Site for music, radio, and much more!

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