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Reviews – Jackboy D-Payne and Scratch LDP – They’re Back

scratch jackboy d payne

When I heard this the first thing I said to Scratch is “Why is this free?” He explained to me it was a mixtape, but I thought it was a regular album full of dope tracks. Jackboy D-Payne and Scratch LDP both got crazy rapid fire flows and are part of Livin Dead Productions which consists of a small army of dope rappers from all over.

They’re Back has 17 bangers featuring many LDP and UGS associates including X-It Only, Bigg Zakk, Chico Slim, Ya Boy Slow Mo, Cam, and DKB. Some of the stand out tracks are Bang Ya w/ X-It Only, Psycho, I’m So Tired, and Heart of Stone which was produced by TC outta South Carolina.

The subject matter varies to everything from trying to keep your head above water to straight killin’ mutha fuckaz! Take’em out probably is my favorite track on this project. To me that track has the energy to get you amped up. Really the whole project will get you amped, there is not much I didn’t like on They’re Back if anything at all because they brought their A Game on everything!

Scratch and D-Payne naturally work together very good. This mixtape is kind of like a project to get you ready for their upcoming group project Dead Click with Netherlands producer and group member Detag. The best part about this is the fact that it is free, you have nothing to lose especially if you appreciate lyrics, dope concepts, hard beats and nice features. Definitely one of the best from 2017 so far!

Download the whole mixtape on Datpiff for free

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