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Reviews – Renizance -The Streets Is Calling

The Streets Is Calling copy

Renizance is the founding member of the underground Fort Worth
Texas group the Immortal Soldierz which is globally known and has
been featured in publications such as Murder Dog and has worked
with the likes of Three 6 Mafia founding member the late Lord
Infamous, Twisted Insane, Z-Ro and many others.

Renizance just dropped his first solo album entitled “The
Streets is Calling” on Unforgiven Records and proves that he is
just as effective on his own as he is a with Immortal Soldierz.
The album starts off with one of my favorite tracks off the entire
project entitled “Kill Shit” where he murders the beat with his
signature style mixed with A combination of rapid fire rhymes and
A melodic chorus.

Other tracks that really stood out for me were the controversial song
“Trump Dies” where Ren shows no mercy for the Billionaire Businessman
turned Politician. Another heater was the Scotty Boy collab “Fuck Tha
World” which pretty much speaks on his struggle in the game and in the world.
The album has about 15 tracks total and I did not hear anything less than
dope as fuck on this album!

I have reviewed Immortal Soldierz projects in the old Murder Dog Magazine,
and “The Streets is Calling” stands on it’s own as another Unforgiven Records
Classic! Renizance and Immortal Soldierz alike have both been heavily slept on
Considering the quality and talent they process as artists. You wont be
disappointed so cop that motherfucker immediately! Another dope project
for 2015 – Prezident Bejda

Make sure to get The Streets is Calling on ITunes also follow Renizance on @immortal817

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