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Reviews – Sleepwalkas – Secret of da Ooze

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The Sleepwalkas are from H-Town and they let you know it right from the jump by having K-Rino on the intro track. Murdaman and Evil S recruited the production of Detag from the Netherlands whom also produced Dead Click as well as upcoming projects for Ganxsta NIP. The production fits the Sleepwalkas perfectly as they choose alotta dark subject matter with songs like Edgar Alan Poe featuring Ganxsta NIP himself, or the only featured track on any album to have all the members of NATAS on it entitled A Murda.

The track I’m feelin’ the most would be False Profit featuring Mastamind. The beat reminds me of something you would ehar in the classic horror flick Creepshow. I’m bumpin’ Nightmare Walkin, End of the Beginning which begins with a news clip speaking on the Flint Water Crisis, and of course A Murda with NATAS. I can’t say it enough because in the world of the Wicket Shit, this is a huge feature. It starts off with the late TNT(RIP) speaking at the beginning then goes right into an Esham verse.

I think the Sleepwalkas captured the sound they were wanting with Detag on the beats, the content is consistent with the vibe through out the album. Songs like Wes Craven, Edgar Allan Poe, Soul Snatcha, and Very Scary Stories to name a few, gives you a glimpse of what you are going to hear. The world of Horrorcore is filled with 100s of artists, maybe 1000s, but what separates these guys from the vast majority is they went out and got the creator being Ganxsta NIP as well as the Wicket Shit creator Esham. If you like that dark evil shit then The Secret of da Ooze is definitely for you!

Check out the album on Datpiff for free

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