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Reviews – T-Rock – The Untold Truth


First and foremost you can’t deny the lyrical ability of T-Rock
In fact, he should always be recognized as one of the best to
ever do it. He has a rapid fire delivery, but can also hit you
from several other angles with many styles and flows.

We recently had him on the show and previewed dope tracks like
“Help Me God”, other tracks that stood out were “D.O.A.”,
“Burn It Down”, and “Ride Or Die”, the whole album is bumpin’
it has stuff for the streets, some club bangers, and plenty of

There is abut 18 tracks with some features but the majority of it
is T-Rock. I don’t mind features, but when I listen to an album
especially one by the likes of T-Rock, K-Rino, NIP, Spice-1 and
others, I want to hear them, their styles, and artistry and T did
not let yall down! I reviewed other projects from him and one thing
is for sure, that is his talent is still here and still elevating!
Over all another great album from a talented vet! -Prezident Bejda

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