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UGS4LIFE News – 2018 Underground Society project in the works


People for years have been asking me to do another project, well several reasons prevented that with the biggest being not enough artists and producers on the team willing to contribute to it. Some of, in fact many did not see the vision of what Underground Society is all about. We provide platforms such as the Murder Master Music Show, which has showcased hundreds of artists over the last 5 years, many of which had no other outlets or platforms to showcase their talents on. They were ignored by all the major media outlets, radio stations, and other platforms. Do you really think some of these big radio stations are checking for dope underground talent that consists of concepts, lyrical ability, and original production that doesn’t try to emulate the same sounds that a million others are using? Of course not because right now the money seems to be down playing talent to support emcees who traded their lyrical abilities in for new purses and tight pants. Sadly many pioneers and legends have been forgotten too. Legendary artists from the 80s, 90s, and 00s have been releasing dope music lately only to be pushed to the side in order to make room for more headlines about the latest pill poppin’ punk mutha fucka! After we dropped “Fuck Tha Illuminati” in 2011 I was disgusted with the response or lack of even though we had 100+ artists from 15+ countries all together on the same project speaking out against injustices that many face in the world. It was an important project, but the masses didn’t get a chance to check it out.

Now for the official announcement it is time to put together another one. I will A & R the project as far as collecting verses from artists and working with various producers. It will be presented by aka the home of Underground Society. All proceeds will go towards keeping this platform alive and available to the underground, the forgotten legends and pioneers and of course the fans who support and enjoy what we are doing. No this will not be a massive 69 track compilation with 100 artists, it will a full length album with anywhere from 15-18 tracks with all original production. Of course our UGS4LIFE Producers Skinnymaine and DETAGĀ  along with other selected producers, will make the beats and verses will be submitted. I will reach out to certain artists who show interest to be on the project and send them a track and when the vocals are turned in we will mix and master the track. Of Course Scratch LDP will do the art as he is one of the best doing it right now and highly recommended.

Each track will have anywhere from one to two, three or even several artists if it is a posse cut. Any artist wishing to be on this project MUST bring your A-Game. Any weak flows will not be used. We have many very talented artists at UGS4LIFE and they need to be complemented on the tracks that they are on. No mumble, no swag, no weird awkward flows that sound offbeat, no lame ass autotune because remember we are only as strong as our weakest link. If we do a dope cut where 2 guys ripped the hell out of it but the third guy came retarded with it, then it will ruin the song. Also we have real dope producers and we will work with more and they need to be respected for their craft as well. As Kokane would say no El Boo Boo shit! Anyone making a contribution in the form of a verse or production will have to sign a release form which is standard and everyone who was on the original FTI had to do the same. It’s nothing against anyone, but I have dealt with many individuals who were out for themselves and would pull that shady ass fuckery! Also for those who jumped ship or just simply don’t support us don’t come lurking around acting like shit is 100! This platform must be respected first and foremost. We have alot of people who dedicate and contribute time and blood sweat and tears to this shit for real. UGS has been around for several years, if we have supported you or your people and you can’t tell people about us then kick rocks. None of that fake flip floppin fake luv bullshit over here!

With all of that being said, lets come together and give them a dope project in 2018 entitled “F#ck Tha Lamestream” which is in opposition of this bull shit they are playing. Let’s show them what a real talented album full of people from around the globe looks like and let’s keep this platform going strong. I will be getting at publicists to help spread the word, and people on the streets once promotional material is available (Closer to the release), and people online to contribute time to help us promote the project. All contributions are greatly appreciated. In this game we help many and many help us. When the big machine refuses to shed light up[on talent the only thing we can do is come together. Don’t try to buy into their exclusive swag club that promotes the destruction of Hip Hop, be original and don’t follow trends and fads. I will be getting with producers soon to pick out some beats and from there we will be seeking verses.

It will be released online as well as on CD

Salute and respect!





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